Breast Cancer At 20 years Old

Some women feel very comfortable doing BSE regularly (usually monthly after their period) which involves a systematic step-by-step approach to examining the look and feel of their breasts. Other women are more comfortable simply looking and feeling their breasts in a less systematic approach, such as while showering or getting dressed or doing an occasional thorough exam.


Sometimes, women are so concerned about "doing it right" that they become stressed over the technique.


Doing BSE regularly is one way for women to know how their breasts normally look and feel and to notice any changes. The goal, with or without BSE, is to report any breast changes to a doctor or nurse right away.


A breast with fibrocystic breast disease presents with a lumpy cobblestone feel. The lumps are more predominate in the upper outer part of the breast. The lumps often enlarge and feel painful and tender during the premenstrual period. Both breasts are usually involved, and the condition may appear to come and go.


Decreasing caffeine intake and lowering dietary fat may help eliminate fibrocystic breast lumps. Some physicians recommend taking 400 mg of vitamin A daily, which is supposed to help lumps shrink. Birth control pills may also be used to regulate estrogen production to keep flare-ups and soreness from occurring especially during the premenstrual phase.







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