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Medical transcription is a challenging career as giving accuracy to Doctors with in Particular format & In Given Time so Course must be covering all the things things like keyboarding , Understanding Doctor Terminology , Windows Short Cuts , Word Processing Macros . However, a person needs to check the listening capacity before entering this field as in this field this is good point as many fields wants to Speak but here don't have speak English only thing to do understand Doctors accent & Type according to it..

To Judge your self as a candidate of this transcription area field requires :

Good Typing speed : Approx 40 WPM ( 40 Words Per Minute ) at level of QA it will Becomes 60 WPM. Online Free Typing Practice

Doing Work in Shortcuts : Understanding Short cut Keys in Windows : This is Part of training also in course material their is some pages on this also where is written about cut , copy , paste command of windows which are CTR+X ( Cut ) , CTR+C ( Copy ) , CTR+C ( Paste ). AND Word Processing software like Microsoft word : We can make macros to automate all the same writing lines.

Excellent listening comprehension : Try to listen voices with background sound & make the sense of the lines.

Medical terminology : Here Trainer try to understand candidates human body and associated components related disease , Drugs to Cure them , Treatment to take . At the level QA person Person is making understand most of diseases.

Course Material


mt course material

Medical Transcription Courses and Syllabus : Their are many chapters & Sections to Make Understand about medical terminology.


Their are medical transcription books with CD's where Human Anatomy ( structure of human body ) with Pronunciation is given to understand how word tones.

Sample Voice Files of many doctors and on many Cardiology , Gastroenterology , Radiology , Vascular & their transcribed error free report is also given so that after student make the file he/she can do his error check.

Medical Transcriptionist Training Cost

mt fees

Medical Transcription Training Fess varies from company to company Depending on many factors such as :

1. Course Duration : 6 Months to a Year Depending to time of Classroom & Laboratory training .

2. Fees : Starting with Rs. 7,000 - 15,000 for 6 months course some others also offers Free as on condition person works in their organization only.

3. Online and Offline : Offline is More good as person can interact direct ally with their instructor & Online is good for house wife's or person want to do work in part time.

3. Jobs : Providing a Job or Only Giving assistance for jobs " Important because the thing varies is Carrier" .


Medical Transcription Jobs in high demand in India many companies gives regular (classroom) they have a theory teacher & a Experienced Trainer.

In Class Room Theory is important so a Doctor level Person is Appointed to for students to make them Understand terms of Physicians .

Laboratory training a trainer provides voice file's to trainee & on the job trainee & after that check's the files according completed file of a Experienced Medical transcriptionist .

Medical Transcription Industry works in a hierarchy Trainee , OJT then Junior MT, Senior MT, Junior QA , Senior QA , Proof Readers.


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