Breast Cancer Examination

For the women's aged over 40 it must be in their monthly health care routine, and you should visit your doctor if you experience breast changes.

How to Do Breast Self Exam

Breast Self Examination

Women may perform breast self exams to help detect changes in their breasts to call to their physicians' attention. Performing regular breast self exams can help women become familiar with the individual characteristics of their breasts and notice any changes.

In recent years, organizations such as the American Cancer Society have changed their positions, no longer recommending that women perform self exams on a monthly basis. This decision was made after several studies revealed that the exams do not increase the chances that women will survive breast cancer. Despite the change in position, the American Cancer Society and other organizations suggest that self exams can be performed to help detect changes in the breasts to call to a physician's attention. Women who perform self exams should consult a healthcare professional to determine how to correctly perform the exam.


If women learn to perform BSE correctly, they can help detect changes and bring them promptly to a medical professional.


Finding a breast cancer tumor when it is smaller improves the chances of saving a breast by avoiding a mastectomy, and may reduce the need for chemotherapy.


It is important to remember that mammography is still the gold standard for early detection of breast cancer. Many cancer organizations, including the American Cancer Society, recommend that every woman 40 or older should have a mammogram every year. Unfortunately mammography misses 10% of cancers. So, it is still important for women to have their breasts examined on a regular basis by a healthcare professional, and perform monthly breast self-exams.


A BSE can help women detect cysts or other benign (noncancerous) breast problems between checkups. It can also help some women detect breast cancer — a disease that's extremely rare among teens.


It's easy to perform a breast self-examination, and it only takes a few minutes. Although it might seem strange or inconvenient at first, BSE is a skill you can use throughout your life to help ensure good breast health.


Breast Cancer At 20

Teenager come in age of adult their body is grown . They should be told about the benefits and limitations of BSE. They must have to their parents or some body female friend and have to understand about it.

Breast Cancer At 30

Should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) as part of a periodic (regular) health exam by a health professional, at least every 3 years

Breast Cancer At 40

Women should have a breast exam by a health professional every year. At the Stage of 40 our body start getting week from inside at this time their is more chances of getting affected from this disease.

Tips For Doing Your BSE

Mark your calendar to remind yourself to do your BSE regularly. This is a good way to prevent worry if find a normal cyclic change.


Stay relaxed and breathe normally as you do your BSE. Becoming tense will produce some knots that you may mistake for something worrisome.


Report any changes or unusual pain to your doctor or nurse practitioner.


Keep a log of changes, if that helps you remember.


Remember to have an annual clinical exam and a Mammography.

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