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Dictation Server is a Computer with High Performance a Big Data Space connected to internet and a Modem Like Device's with Telephony Lines , Including VoIP Line . A phone dictation software application is running on machines which Initialize phone line for dial tons after software gets ready . Anybody Call on Telephonic Number attach to the Computer after a short message recording gets started . Person Controls include record, play, rewind, fast-forward & record edit with his/her phone keys like 5 for Play , 4 For Rewind , 6 for fast-forward . After recording is finished its recorded in Record to .wav or .dct file formats .


This type of Dictation Service is Also Known as Telephone Dictation.


In Medical Transcription : Doctors and Physicians can not carry hand-held devices or Digital voice recorder like Dictaphone every time with them so medical transcription provider provides a Toll Free Number to Record dictation by phone. Dialer Dial the Number Medical Dictation Menu Comes Doctor dial its Access key ( Username & Password ) and Stat Dictating after it finishes recorded file i.e. .wav or .dct file's are uploaded to HIPAA Compliant Secure FTP or email address as per configured. Regarding the FTP space - it is a complimentary and free add on service provided along with the Toll Free number service. Due to HIPAA regulations we have to put the files on our own FTP server from where the clients can take the audio files recorded by their clients.


Hosted toll free dictation solution is HIPAA compliant Used Medical & Legal Transcription.


Computerization has certainly impacted dictation media. Digital technology converts the analog voice to wave forms using the numbers that are the basics in all computers (0s and 1s). This results in a higher quality replication of the original voice. The dictator from a doctor’s office dials through a telephone to access the digital system. In a hospital or larger clinic access may be hard-wired rendering the telephone connect unnecessary. The dictator enters specified identifiers (author ID, work type, patient ID, etc.,) through the telephone keypad or a bar code scanner. They can move around through the dictation more easily than on the earlier systems, to edit, refresh, stop or start.


When the dictation is being done, the voice is received by a board that digitizes and transfers it to a systems disk available instantly by any user who needs to hear the report, or transcribe it. The resident report may be assigned to the transcriptionist through a management terminal, or by self-selection. For the transcription, the dictation is accessed either by phone, the Internet, or directly (with resident systems), and include options for a visual control (C-phone), or just with a foot pedal. A remote transcriptionist may download the files to avoid long periods of time on a long distance carrier. More and more small, medium and large companies and even small privateers are using the Web to retrieve dictation and to deliver the resulting transcribed document.

Questions About this Service

Several Options are Available.

Will this server be installed here in the U.S. or in India?

Do you know the size of dictation server you need?

The systems very in size by the number of telephone lines/port needed. Our smallest system is a 4-line unit, which means four people can dictate at the same time. The system go up in size by 4-lines. We have 8, 12, 16, 20, etc.. systems. Provider ( We) needs to know the size of system you are considering in order to provide you pricing.

Dictation Server Software Feature

To Compress Audio files to reduce size and to speed transmission.

Can Supports up to 32 telephone lines or More According to Software .

Up to any number of Users can use the system at a time .

Information of User when file was created and sent to ftp is stored in a database.

Toll Free Numbers Pricing

Usage is charged on actual minutes consumed by Doctors & Physicians who will dictate on servers.

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$0.00 00 5 Days
 Up to 500  $0.15 70 1 Month

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