Starting Medical Transcription Business


This MT ( Medical Transcription ) Business have been around for years where Doctors or Physicians dictates their Patient medical note into Dictation Server or on Digital Voice Recorder. It Send to Medical Transcription Company By a Secure FTP . Transcriptionist Receives the recorded voice file's transcribes it .Then it reviewed by Quality Analysist's for checking errors. The final computerized document file is emailed or send back by FTP Server to the healthcare provider . They Download them & Take a Print Copy . This Electronic Documents Used for Reference of Patients Medical Records.

For Understanding Step By Step Procedure Read

Medical Transcription Process


Experienced Medical Transcriptionist

Quality Analyalist Level person can Open a good Business. The Person who is in this industry for last 2-4 years have experience & Contacts in this line. To build a network of potential future clients.

Medical Transcription Setup

Make a detailed plan of your business with getting clear mind about how much work to do and how much persons to employed.


Office Space

Must be Commercial Space which can easily to approached by Road & if it is Near to any Metro Station's it will be more Beneficial . Take Care of Toilet . Check Around the Place for Food , Water Supplier , Electrician . What are the Arrangement of Public & Private Transport to get to the Office . In the Hospital Near By and Most important is How Much Rent can be given on Starting level of Business ?


Office Chairs

In MT Work their is Day & Night work and Transcriptionist sit on a chair with a computer near to them . As Much They are comfortable on their as they work more.

Get a Comfortable Desk Chair Do the Seat Height Adjustment according to height where computer table.


Office Appliances Cost

Depending on a Average work & Space taken . First Decided Office Interior , Purchase Computer Tables & New Branded Computer Machines insist of Assembled PC . Also Get a Contact Number of Service Center Near to your locality in case of Problems.


Computer Configuration

Prefer Branded PC Core2 Duo-powered PC OR Pentium 4 Pin less CPU 3.2 with 1GB of RAM , 80 GB of Hard Disk , DVD Combo Will Be Better. Better Unplug From Inside and Lock the Branded Machine After 1st time of Installation From DVD Combo Drive. Always Lock USB Ports for Data Security. Prefer to make machines all of one Brand . Purchase only 1 in starting after that install the software and take a Test when Satisfied Purchase all others at once.

LCD Screen : Takes Less Voltage & More Life then Normal Monitor. Not Much More then 15 Inch.


Prefer TVS Keyboard (I could type all day!) . For Less Budget Microsoft PS2 Keyboard.


Prefer Logitech Mouse : Infra Red with PS2 Connector

Or You Can Also Purchase Set of Microsoft Keyword and Mouse also .


UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply ) : In case of power failure, the extra time you'll get to save the work . We Prefer Luminous & Microteck UPS of 600 VA with One Year Warranty Approx Backup Up time is 10 - 15 Minutes Only. Server Based UPS will be of 1KV Alnova which gives a Backup of 1 Hour this is Online UPS Cost approx from 12,000/- - 15,000/- .


Big Inverter & Generator is a Best Solution if computers are more then 10.Genrator with Auto Cut Facility is a Better Solution as in this type it automatically Shutdown when Light Comes. Takes it On Rent.


Internet Connectivity : Take At least 2 Internet Line's . We Recommend Airtel & MTNL . For Outside Delhi its BSNL .

Prefer For Speedy Internet Take 1:1 MBPS ( Mega Bits Per Second ) Upload / Download Speed. From Spectra Internet Connection Or VSNL ( Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited ).


Medical Transcriptionist Equipment

In this Section all the hardware which is connected with computer to dictate voice file by MT's. Such as Medical Transcription Foot Pedals , Amplifiers and Medical Transcription Headsets .For Understanding Role of Pedal Read : Medical Transcription Foot Pedal .


Prefer For Medical Transcription Equipments Purchase USB transcription foot pedal From

RAJ ORIEN INDUSTRIESTM : Its Compatible with All Transcription Software's Used in Transcription Industry . More Over Raj Orien Manufacturing Products from Last 8 Years and also Giving a Promising after sale Services . Selling Their Products to all over India with their distribution network.


Medical Transcription Books

More MT books and software is needed to make you more productivity . Medical specialty books like orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, etc.) is needed to give conformability to Medical Transcptionist for transcribing.


Medical Transcription Software

In this Section all the Software's which is used on Transcription PC to Play Voice File , Word Processing Software , Operating System to Installed . Licensed Medical Word Dictionaries , Line Count Software's .

MT Software Advice Purchase a Legal Copy Windows XP Professional Edition with Microsoft Office 2007 Professional . Install Windows Xp with Custom Option Only install Required Components & Start only Necessary windows Services . Purchase & Install Quick Look , Stedman Dictionaries . For Productivity of Line count Purchase NCH Swift Sound .

Purchase Secure FTP Hosting From a Indian Seller For Backing Voice & Document's on the Internet . More Used By MT Client's . Read More HIPAA Medical Transcription and to Purchase Ftp Space Click Here HIPAA Compliant FTP


Medical Transcription Websites

In Today Date Internet Presence is must for a company by way of internet a user can find the company information & Location . More over also Easy to get in public information with the E-mail of Company it give a professional Look to Business . Job Seeking Person's can send Resumes.

Our Advice Make a Professional Looking website . A Well constructed Site giving all the information about It Cost Between Rs. 10,000/- to 25,000 /- Depending on Design . It is One Domain Name of you Company with 100 MB Web space and 10 information Pages about company works with 5 E-mail Account for 1 Year.


Medical Transcription Consultants

Their are very less companies in MT Industry who are giving almost Service Like Providing Computers , UPS , Inverters , Internet Connectivity , Medical Transcription Equipment , FTP Hosting Space , Website .

We are One of Them Who are Providing all the thing's in One Roof we have tie UP with Many other transcription companies for work . So We also provide Home Based Transcription Work.


Home Based Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription From home :: Is Starting MT Business Business from One - Two Computers having Experience on many type of Transcribed Reports of Doctors Needs A Pentium Computer with UPS , Internet Line , USB Foot Pedal , Express Scribe Software ( Free digital transcription software ) , Head Sets , Amplifiers .

Most Important Thing Needed is Home Based Regular Work with Payment on timing.


Outsource BPO's : List of Medical Transcription Companies in India & Training Institutes .


More Information on How to Start MT Business -

Take Constancy on 91 - 9211268288

Hired Consultant Will Purchase Computers , Make Network , Install Software's , Take Care of All Hardware and Software Needed for Medical Transcription , Hired Medical Transcriptionist's , QA and Also Production Managers.

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