Medical Transcription Hardware

Their are two type of Hardware used in MT Process . One is By Transcribers ( Doctors & Physicians ) and Another is By Medical Transcriptionist & Medical Transcription Companies.


Basically in the work doctors need work to be fast so he/she dictates on a Hardware known as Digital Voice Recorder Which is also Known as Dictaphone . It is a Hardware instrument in which doctor record it's dictation while examining the patients and making Medical notes about patient history.


This work can Also be done by while dictating on Normal Phone or Mobile By Dialing a Toll Free Number . When call Get's Connected a Welcome Message was heard . Doctor Enter a Number which works as Username and after prompted by password . Password is entered by mobile keypad . After that Physician dictate his/her dictation . Calling on this number is free for doctor expenses are paid by Transcription Company . This Toll Free Service for doctors is also known as Telephone Dictation.


If Doctor Records File from Dictaphone . Next work is to upload this file on hipaa compliant ftp . It is secured server used in Health Care Services ( Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 ) . As In MT their is large volume of file's daily uploaded & FTP . A 99% uptime server is purchased by MT Companies .


Transcriptionist Hardware

For Receiving file from FTP Server 0r Dictation Server .


First thing is used a FTP Client software named as Cute Ftp Client , Leach Ftp by these software's Mt Companies Download the files .


Second Thing thing is to decompressed the file for this many software comes . Compressed file extension .dss it is basically compressed by a codec in this file size gets very small and easily uploaded and downloaded.


After converting file to .wav . Third thing which is used is digital transcription software like express scribe to play the file this software give support to play file with keyboard function keys and give the support for Foot Pedal.

In transcription industry while typing with keyboarding we want to play another then keyboard so a hardware is attached to the system Known as Medical Transcription Foot Pedal. This product is attached with Computer Connector such as 9 Pin , 15 Pin but now a days USB foot pedals are Common . They are attached with no problems and give a better performance. USB Transcription Foot Pedal is Supported by Most of Transcription Playing Software's.


While Dictating a Voice Enhancement is Required which is Done by Audio Amplifiers.


One More Important thing used by MT is medical transcription headsets it is plugged into ears . Good Quality of them produce noise free voice dictation.

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