Software's for medical transcription


Their are many type of freeware & Open Source Software's are available for Medical Transcription training & Productions Purposes some can be used as free for life time some have license to use.

First thing which is used its Operating system i.e. Windows Xp , Windows 98 Depending of Configuration of System . Windows 9x can be used for transcription training purposes.


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Type of software Used in MT Industry :


Typing Programs : This is a important exercises to get maximum speed of typing while transcribing a medical transcription report & to use maximum of keyboard instead of mouse while doing transcription process . A average transcriptionist can type at 40 WPM ( Words Per Minute ) so its Necessary to get more speed of Typing . This can be Done by use of Typing Software's such as type fast : Free Typing Software Download .


Many Online Typing Practice Software Come : Free Typing Practice


Word Processing Programs : A Word Based Program is Necessary to take a Print copy of all transcribed Dictation they want it in a proper format like formatting , Spell Check and to do Work More Fast Using Macros . While to Some Extend we can Use Freeware word processing software's like Open Office , AbiWord , 602pc suite free edition are good Enough for training but for Production purposes Microsoft office have no comparison . WordPerfect (Corel) and MSWord from Microsoft are widely used.


English based Dictionary : Pocket Oxford English Dictionary


Medical Spelling Checkers : Spellex, and the traditional medical dictionaries (Dorland’s and Stedman’s) have spellcheckers.


The transcriptionist has completed the report, and the documents must be delivered to the physician, hospital facility, or Transcription Company. As one would guess, there are several methods to do this. The first is modem-to-modem transfer, in which one PC will "call up" the other and files will be transferred directly via phone lines into a database residing on the medical facility PC (or mainframe). Since file transfer depends upon the speed of the modems involved it may take a long time, and phone charges may be prohibitive. The documents are also available only on the one PC or network into which they were delivered. Lastly, a large medical facility's network and firewall protection may inhibit this type of delivery.

Productivity Tools for Medical Transcription

Speedtyping : A very good program for that is Smartype. Smartype is unique speedtyping software, based upon a patented word-completion technology. It can save 70% of a transcriptionist's keystrokes -- while assuring correct spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation. Smartype goes way beyond conventional abbreviation expansion.


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