Medical Transcription Salaries

transcription salaries

Medical Transcription Industry has been a pioneer in BPO Industry of campaigns around the globe & one of the fastest growing fields in health care so their is no problem of job in this field.

As we Know M.Transcription means simply putting it is typing out a recorded voice message of a doctor to serve in support of an insurance claim.

Client are Doctors , Physicians , Hospitals from USA and many developed countries so their is also a quality issues . They always demand for A Quality , Timely & Experienced health information professionals needed Known as Medical transcriptionist , Senior & Junior Quality Analyst ( QA ) , Proof Reader.

This is field which works 24x7 , No Holidays , Show Must be Go On in any Case.

Calculating Medical Transcription Pay Rates

transcription salaries calculation

The salary status of medical transcriptionists are different in different countries and states. Its also Depends on many other factors on which Transcription Salary Varies from person to Person like which type of report transcriptionist is reporting like derma , ortho or radio. Radio or Radiology Files get's Less charge as it is easy to understand & ortho is hard to understand is its paid more to transcribed its report. Some time some doctors are hard to understand so their is more difficulties come to write that doctor's transcription . Its also paid more comparative to other's.


Their are basically 2 Methods for salaries Calculate :

1:  Number of lines transcribed.

2:  Hour Based or Per-hour basic pay with bonuses for additional production.


Salary of a On the Job Trainee is Low as 24k per year after experience of 4 to 5 years its becomes MT and package go to 2 Lakhs 40 thousand annually. Average Salary of Quality Analyst 3 Lakh 60 thousand Per annum Where as Home transcriptionist earn more then that if the work comes on regular basis but their are expenses also .

Disadvantages of Home Based Transcriptions are :

Not Particular Amount of Work some time's too less some times too high.

Work Depends upon Contacts with Other Companies & USA Based Clients.

Need Power Backup For Computers.

Internet Lines with Backup Provision.


Most Important thing of Medical Transcriptionist Salary Depend upon Turn Around Time or TAT files in medical transcription files like TAT and Super Stat or Known as Highly Important files which have to be upload in given time of 3 - 6 hours in this time these files have to gone 3 Stages of Transcription i.e. Mt Round , Junior QA and in Last Senior QA and Also to do Proof reading of the Files . So these Files given a high cost for Transcriber or Medical Transcription Companies.


Average Salaries For Medical Transcription

Their is no sure price range approx idea is a :


Salary Structure

Production Manager Rs.35,000 - Rs.50,000/-
QA2 ( Proof Reader ) Rs.30,000 - Rs.35,000/-
QA1 Rs.25,000 - Rs.30,000/-
MT/QA Rs.20,000 - Rs.25,000/-
MT Rs.15,000 - Rs.20,000/-
JMT ( Junior MT) Rs.10,000 - Rs.15,000/-
OJT ( On The Job Trainee ) Rs. 6,000 -   Rs.10,000/-



Salary Structure in July 2010 - New Delhi - India


Every thing depends on Line Count how much lines per day is producing with Quality and How much less time is Taken .


This salaries are varied from place to place such as Small States of UP ( Uttar pradesh ) their are very less salaries with people not have enough qualified and not produce so much good quality.

States like Chennai produce quality work MT's Excepts More Salaries.

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