Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

As Due to population increasing day by day in developed countries like United States require more healthcare services. Now Doctors & Physicians need to convert their patients diagnosis or symptoms, procedures, and drugs into codes known as Medical Coding and bill to the patients for procedures and office visits is Medical Billing.

This Service is very useful for insurance companies for billing & payment .By making patient records its also get easy to research on disease with particular drug this make improvement of quality health care information for doctors.


Medical transcription

is writing the listened voice of doctors and making a electronic documents for doctors & Physicians.


Medical Coding

includes International Classification of Diseases (ICD) , ICD 9 and 10 Codes , CPT ( Current Procedural Terminology ) Coding, Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System ( HCPCS ), Modifiers National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) All this done by a Certified Professional Coder .


Medical Billing

includes Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Commercial Form CMS-1500 (Health Insurance Claim Form) , UB92 (CMS-1450), AR process, Appeals and Denials Verification

Medical Billing and Coding Process

Medical billing and coding service providers are facing challenges to increasing regulations, increasingly complex coding, declining reimbursements and increasing operating costs within UK and USA country.

Step by Step Procedure :

1. Accessing Patient Charts

2. Pre-Coding

3. Coding - ICD-9 and CPT

4. Quality Check

5. Client Feed Back

Medical Billing and Coding Training

It is a Healthcare facility which is provided to USA doctors for medical reports and claim forms are prepared correctly for submission to insurance companies.

This is a carrier which need's medical background or Person in 12th with Physics in CBSE . Many institutes giving education addition to distance learning programs. The classes offered on the internet also with live classroom environment trainer's are experienced Medical Billing Coding professionals.

In the Course medical biller or coder have to understand complex Medical terminology - which is crucial to understanding the language of medicine as well as Treatment & diagnosis codes ( CPT and ICD - 9 ) and its Costs. If Trainee is have a Previous Experience as Experienced Medical Transcriptionist its become easy as medical terminology used by doctors are same in both cases.

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