Transcription Amplifiers

Amplifier means AMPLIFIES the Voice From Any Device as Input & Output to another like PC sound to Computer Speakers.

In Transcription until voice file is Clear it Become very difficult to Transcribe it in a Written Document . So Audio Amplifiers are Used which Do Boost the output from a simple crystal radio and also do Noise Suppression with some extend . Their are 2 ends as seen in Picture One is Power Point which is connected to 200 Volt Dc and another is Having a jack which is attached to computer sound card.

USB Audio Amplifier

This type of Transcription hardware is very useful in laptops as it use power computer USB port. Now their is no need to find a power socket just plug to USB and it is ON .

Audio Amplifier Prices

Their is 2 types :


With Power Socket : It is a Normal Connected to Power and give the Output. Audio Code is of 2 Meter and Power Code is Of 2.5 Meter.



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Their is More Hardware which is Used In Transcription Industry as Amplifier work is Boost the Voice , Foot Pedal is Used Play File From Feet's and Headphone is Used to Listen the Dictation . For All this Information Read


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