Cancer of Breast

Breast Cancer

Before Understanding Breast Cancer We have to Understand Cancer.


Its is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There is no clear cause why one person gets cancer and another does not. Cancer develops over time when certain normal genes start mutating. Such cells multiply rapidly and become malignant. These gene mutations occur due to a complex mix of factors related to lifestyle, heredity and environment.


Now Understanding Breast Cancer its most ally get to women's If you're over 40 . First thing is to Do .

Breast Self Examination

- Its is a Self Exam test Which women can do by them self. This is First Stage of Diagnostics.


2. Screening Tests For cancer - Also Known as Mammograms : It's First Step Done By Doctors to diagnose, evaluate, and follow people who’ve had breast cancer. Safe and reasonably accurate, a mammogram is an x-ray photograph of the breast.


3. Diagnostic Tests - Biopsy :

Breast Cancer Symptoms

A lump

Skin thickening and dimpling

Skin irritation

Nipple or skin retraction

Nipple discharge




A mammography can pick up changes in the breast that might signal cancer long before any of the above-mentioned symptoms set in. Even though most lumps are not cancerous, women should always consult a doctor when they discover inconsistencies in their breast.

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