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Digital Voice Recorders

Digital voice recorder as small as mobile phone uses a technology to improve noise reduction and enhanced clarity record voice memos to a memory chip, and play the memos back .

It's a part of medical Transcription Equipments used by Doctor's and physicians this small hand-held device is used by them to record dictation about patient history , what problem's patient is facing and what treatment is going on.

This Digital voice recorder or Dicta Phone has come in various capacities regarding the maximum recording time, dependent on the amount of internal memory also use removable & reusable Memory Sticks.

In these hardware a voice compress system is in build which makes a smaller files as compare to normal voice file. Many type of digital file formats such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MSV, DVF, CDA, VOX, WMA, ADPCM .

For download the recordings to PC a CD or DVD comes with manufacturer's software and a USB cable.

Digital Voice Recorder Review

Digital Voice Recorder Uses

Their are many Companies in Market who make this type of hardware which is not only used by doctors but also be used to record lectures, conferences or conversations.

Sony : A Well Known Brand manufacturer's many recorders such as


Sony ICD-MX20

Sony ICD-SX700


Sony ICD-BM1ADR9 Digital Voice Recorder

(with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software)


Sony ICD-MX20DR9 Digital Voice Recorder

(with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software)


Olympus : A Well Known Brand in Digital Voice Recorders.


Olympus Digital Voice Recorders include Olympus xD-Picture Card Removable & Reusable memory, & Internal Flash Memory. Creates .dss files which can be played in their native format by express scribe ( Digital Transcription Software)


Most Popular vice recorders we have picked are Olympus DS-40, Sony ICD-UX71RED, RCA RP5130 512MB DVR with USB and Panasonic RR-US360.


Alternative of Digital Voice Recorder

One other method which is used by Doctors for Dictating Dictation is Dictation Service Method . In this Doctors Dial a Toll Free Number Provided By Medical Transcription Service Provider and record their dictation's.


Most Important Difference Between Using Digital Voice and Dictation Service is for Medical Transcription Services for Dictation Service used by Telephone they have to pay again and again While in Recorder they once purchase and gift them to doctors .


While its any type of method while after converting them into voice files on computer foot pedal is used.


It Becomes Very Easy Medical Transcriptionist to transcribe this file with Medical Transcription Foot Pedal by Raj Orien Industries India.

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