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In Transcription basic thing is too free our hands so that it we can do work on maximum speed for example we are listing to voice file so what we do we start playing with keyboard function keys like F1 to play , F2 Rewind , F3 Fast forward . While typing we get confused which button for play then rewind , then again play and it becomes a very complicated & difficult work thing to listen and type or which we called TRANSCRIBE.

Now doing work with FOOT PEDAL then we are listing from ears , typing with hands , Playing voice file's with a PEDAL we have play we press middle button rewind for some seconds press left button and fast forward press Right Button .It become very easy to do in this manner.

Foot pedals are uniquely designed input devices for all type of transcription like general , Legal & Medical used in office's , Transcription companies , and industrial computer applications. Transcriptionist foot pedals are come in different size & weight's according to used material on it i.e. metal & fiber Plastic Body .Metal Body are heavy weight approx 2.5 KG in Big Size other fiber one's are light weight approx 500 - 600 gm in small size. All Computer Foot Pedals have 3 Buttons used for Play / Rewind / Fast Forward and also have 2 Wire's with the cable Length of 2.5 Meter . One is With 2 Pin Power Socket which will be connected to Electricity. Second Wire is Having female plug which is connected to Computer Male Plug.

3 Types of Female Plugs used in Transcription Foot Pedals

Com port 9 Pin

9 Pin / Serial / Com Port : Also called DB9 or 9 Pin it is at time of starting of computers in Pentium 1 & 2 where are 2 Ports like it in computer where in which we attach mouse & in another we attach our Pedal.


game port 15 Pin

15 Pin / Joystick / Game Port : Also called DB-15 or 15 Pin it is normally with Sound Card Normally users attach a Joystick for playing games . Many Transcribers demand of these types .



USB / Live Wire / Plug & Play  : These are advance stage connectors as these are USB ( Universal Serial Bus ) .Their is always a Advantage to it because of USB's Take DMA ( Direct memory access ) & IRQ ( Interrupt request ) Automatically from motherboard and they never conflict with each other and due to plug & Play feature any time they can be attached with your PC's with no Problem .


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In Below picture you can figure out which type of Male Connections on the Computer according to that only.



All type of Foot Pedals with all type of Connectors available in market their also options comes like Game to USB connector , COM to Game , Vice Verse .

Configure Foot Pedals On Computer

There are many type of Software's Come for Different Type of Operating Systems (OS) like earlier Dos , Windows 95 / 98 / ME and today's Windows XP 2000/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7 | Mac OS X - 10.1 or above | Linux .

Foot Pedal Installation

Their are many type foot pedal software comes in market Free ware / Commercial . One of Most Common Used ideal & Economical for home based medical transcriptionist and For Small Medical Transcription Companies is express scribe latest version : This is Compatible with Windows XP 2000/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7 and windows 10. .


Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Oldest Equipment company in New Delhi - India . Giving Supply & Maintenance in Noida , Gurgaon , Faridabad & supplying hardware in all India states i.e. Maharashtra , Bangalore , Chennai and out of INDIA like Nepal . Manufacture headphone without Mick & Amplifiers to Boost Pc Voice .

Due to ergonomic design & good material it haves a ability to handle a heavy workout . Needs Very Low Maintenance . AMC is also provided to medical transcription companies.

VEC Infinity Transcription Foot Pedals

There are many type of transcription pedals are available in market which are compatible with many offline soft wares but VEC is most popular universal transcription USB foot pedal available is one which can play with maximum number of transcription software's there are very less companies deals with this type. These are also known as ONLINE FOOT PEDALS.



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