Data Security

Means Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act : This is a Standards set for the voice & electronic documentation of patient personal data from unauthorized disclosure.

This Law is manage to protect identifiable information of Patient's Sensitive data . This is Standard which must be Carry Out by All Medical Transcription Companies and also they have to work on Quality Assurance & Compliance Guarantee.

The main purpose of this law is to allow for continuity of healthcare coverage. Its Rules on privacy, confidentiality, and security .

Patient goes to hospital or clinic tell about his/her problems to Doctor . And After that Doctor Examine the Patient and make a voice note in its Digital Voice Recorder . Dictate the Patient Problem and What Treatment will be carry out in future for he/she. After Medical Transcription Process Doctor Get's Patient Voice Dictation in Digital Format or Print Out of it.

Medical Transcription Service Provider were expected to ensure the security and confidentiality of patient’s Protected Health Information

HIPAA Compliant FTP Space

Ftp Hosting Space is Required for Uploading and Downloading Voice and Document Files . For Purchasing and Reading More About it Click Here : HIPAA Compliant FTP

HIPAA Check List For Hospital & MT Companies

A Over View of Standards must be maintained in Hospitals & Medical Transcription Company are :


Physical Security : Is Data is secured in hospitals & Clinics for Physical access by secured with ID cards and By Others Media ?


Computer Access : Security enabled Operating System Like Windows NT / 2000 - XP Which have option of NTFS ( New Technology File Systems ) with Starting Username & Passwords with screen Savers Password Protection , Auto-Logoff , personnel classifications with Security Checks.


Data Backup Plans : At which time data will backup on server with data accuracy , Virus Protection , Hardware level Protection .


Online or Network Security :How is data transmitted in network with 128 bit encryption or SSL ?


User Awareness : Is an employee us aware of HIPAA and on which level he/she work criteria.


Security of Print Media : Patients health records is secured with digital id's provides to doctors & Physicians .


Agreements with Business Associates and Partners : Maintain up-to-date contractual agreements and mention clarify laws and quality insurance issues.


Agreements with Employees : Make necessary policies documented on papers with Employee Signature and check time to about followed, enforced of Law.


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