Home Based Transcription Training

Home Based MT

Home based MT Training is done by Software DVD containing Audio Files of Doctors with their Quality Analyst Dictated Documents . Their are many software are used to converting files , Uploading / Downloading , Typing Software's , Medical Dictionaries are Used. Hardware used by transcriptionist are Foot Pedals " Its work is to play / Rewind / Fast-forward voice files from feet's . Amplifiers are Used to enhanced volumes and headphones are Used to listen with voice celerity.

MT Transcription is a challenging career as giving accuracy to Doctors with in Particular format & In Given Time so Course must be covering all the things things like keyboarding , Understanding Doctor Terminology , Windows Short Cuts , Word Processing Macros . However, a person needs to check the listening capacity before entering this field as in this field this is good point as many fields wants to Speak but here don't have speak English only thing to do understand Doctors accent & Type according to it.


MT Training and Business From Home

These type of training needs motivation from trainer end with regular touch with course modules with a report of students . Most ally House wife's and Person can give only 2 - 3 Hours in a Week prefer this type of learning modules. Depending on Time Schedule and Practice Done by Learner it takes 2 - 3 Months time .


Home Based MT Course Fees

Fee is charged mostly in Single payment . This type of Training Institutes Charged Rs. 6500 /- to 8,000 /- . They provide Software DVD , With Medical Transcription Book , In Some Case Medical Transcriptionist Equipment is given Such Foot Pedals , Amplifiers and headphones it is also Known as MT Hardware Kit.


State Wise Home Based Training Institutes

This type Institutes work in particular stats as trainer have to personally visit students home for Weekly Classes . With Telephone and E-mail Students Keep in touch with Trainer .


Home Based Medical Transcription

Whether its getting training or Working at Home in both the cases its comfortable for users . They Only Need Only High Speed Computer with installed Software's on it with configured Hardware.

Transcription Hardware

Medical Transcription Foot Pedal : Used to Play Voice Files by Feet . Having Option of Rewind / Fast Forward . This also can be Programmed according to user's Usage.


Audio Amplifiers : Used to Boost the voice and to produce crystal quality sound. Now a Days USB Connectivity Amplifiers Comes these can be connected with computer USB Port . No Need of Extra Electricity Circuit.


Headsets : Used to Listen the voice files.


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