File Transfer Protocol


FTP is reliable protocol for transferring files from one to another place over the internet their are basically 2 components one is FTP server another is Client. Server is having a high speed internet with can handle number of simultaneous connections .

FTP Server Administrator make users ( Ftp Users ) assign a particular space according to use of user , each user have a unique account with user name & Password with a valid authentication only account can be accessed .

In Medical Transcription from one Side which is Medical Transcription Company have a FTP server make user for home based users . These users from their home access internet with help of FTP Software Client like Cute Ftp , Filezilla access their account with user name & Passwords provided by Companies.

Secure FTP Hosting

secure ftp

FTP over SSH or on SSL is Secured Line Service for physicians, clinics and hospitals a special training or certification is needed for Transcribing medical records such as patient histories, operative reports, clinical notes and laboratory reports which have be done in a Specific given Time & Doctors Approved Manner or Format with highest accuracy.

HIPAA Compliance FTP Pricing

HIPAA Medical Transcription Web Space is charged on how much is Upload / Download .

Web Space 

Divided in

Upload / Download



1 GB

4 1 GB -

Per Month

1 Year Rs. 5000/-
 5 GB  10 5GB -

Per Month

1 Year Rs. 7000/-

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