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Medical Transcription is is the process of transcribing medical voice recording about patient histories, operative reports, clinical notes of Doctors & Physicians they Dictate it in handheld device known as Digital Voice Recorder like Dictaphone or after words they attach there Dictaphone or voice recording hardware to a dictation system with internet support and UPLOAD dictated voice to the HIPAA Compliant FTP of transcription service provider they download these voice files on their end they have a whole teams of MT's & Qa's after work is completing file is Uploaded from their End and Doctor will take a Print copy for Records .These Transcribed Reports is Used for medical insurance companies . All work is Done Under HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) compliance in simple terms reports can not read any other person except Medical transcriptionist & Quality Analyzers who make that Reports.

For Giving More Comfort to Doctors Some MT Companies can also Provide Telephone Dictation to record and dictate over the telephone.

Type of Companies - Persons Involved in Process

companies involved

There are many companies involved in completing work of Transcription as follows


Provides Medical Transcription Services


Provide Dictation Server


Outsource works to transcription companies


Medical Transcription Consultancy Firms


Medical transcriptionist Equipment such as Transcription Foot Pedals, Amplifier and Medical Transcription Headset . In India , Manufacturer and Supplier of these hardware Known as Raj Orien Industries - Shashi Bhushan Shah


Medical Transcription Software

Their are many softwares used requires dictation/transcription systems, word processing software, modem and telephone connectivity, and computers.

Their is also one Medical Transcription Productivity Tool

which can perform all the transcription process involving all your staff . This Software is Used for in-house production . It Increases line count and productivity of Staff. It Provide a Administrate to control and monitor of all stage of medical tarnscriptionist activity.


Make a Full Setup for New Companies with Computer hardware on Rent , Equipments , Open Source Software's , Provide Engineer for computer networks. Contact Us for This Purpose.

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