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Medical Transcription students training is a long road with many work load to become a successful medical transcriptionist in INDIA .


To prepare, MTs-in-the-making study medical language, including Greek and Latin word origins, with the roots, suffixes (suffices is the purer form), prefixes (same with prefices), and compound words. The knowledge includes anatomy and physiology of all body systems and various disease processes.


Jobs are in high demand so many transcription training companies gives both regular (classroom) & Laboratory training to trainee's with maximum time available.


In Class Room A theory teacher who is an Doctor Level Person ( MD or Teacher of Medicine ) teaches about human autonomy , Diseases , Cures . Theory is important so books & CD's on topic get available .


In Laboratory training a Experienced Trainer who is has knowledge different accounts like Cardiology , Pathology , Radiology & skill of teaching provides voice file's to trainee & OJT's after that check's the files . also make a Complete record of students & giving more and more difficult files to hear as course go one's .

Industry Hierarchy

Trainee : Normally with having less experience of 3 month's with low typing speed , do error while Tran scripting files .

OJT ( on the job trainee ) : Normally with having more experience then 3 month's on some particular type of account like radiology major difference from trainee is some amount of money for transcribing .

Junior & Senior MT ( Medical Transcriptionist ) : Till this time person is 6 Months in the field so start understanding advanced medical terminology , Anatomy and Physiology disease processes , Medical Style and Grammar , sort, check, count, and verify numbers with accuracy , use basic windows & word Processing software like MS Word .

Junior & Senior QA ( Quality Analyst ) : After 2 or 3 Years of person Transcribes accurately, utilizing correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, and edits for inconsistencies. Getting Experience in keyboarding with speed of 60 WPM .

Proof Readers : It is very important to have a properly formatted, edited, and reviewed medical transcription document.

Medical Transcription Course

This Course have different Modules & Sections which are theory part more over to that at starting time of Course their Typing practice on software . Day By Day Starting from ASDF and ;lkj it completes with " The Quick brown Fox Jumps over lazy Little Dog " . This Line Covers all the Alphabets of Keyboard . While Taking training Theory instructor guides to Understand more and more Medical Terminology to Medical Transcriptionist .


Keyboarding and transcription should not be confused. The primary skills necessary for performance of quality medical transcription are extensive medical knowledge 3 and understanding, sound judgment, deductive reasoning, and the ability to detect medical inconsistencies in dictation. For example, a diagnosis inconsistent with the patient's history and symptoms may be mistakenly dictated. The medical transcriptionist questions, seeks clarification, verifies the information, and enters it into the report. It’s important to note that all of the natural talents we list above and below can be acquired as skills through training with even average abilities. There’s no substitute for perseverance and hard work.


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