MS Word Guide

Microsoft Office is One of Most most common word processor having features of WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) , Spell Checker , Document Alignment and Many More. This Makes More Useful then its competitors such as Open Office , ABi Word.


Backup & Restore Word Settings

By This Help user Can Transfer AutoCorrect, AutoText, Macros, and other critical files From One Computer to Another . Also Used If User is Formatting and Want to Backup All settings & Restore.

There is 4 Critical files each is having Different purpose .


1. : Stores formatted AutoCorrect entries, AutoText entries, keyboard shortcuts, menu customizations, custom toolbars, styles, macros.


2. File With Extension .acl : Stores unformatted AutoCorrect entries (the majority of your AutoCorrect entries).


3. custom.dic : Words you add during spell-check.


4. File With Extension .dot : Templates you create in Microsoft Word.


Where files are located & How to Find Them

1. Right-click the Start button and select Find (Search in Windows XP).

2. Type the file name in the Name box. To locate the type,custom.dic,*.dot,*.acl in the Name box.

3. Change the Look in box to your main drive.

4. Click Find/Search Now.

5. When your file(s) appears in the search window, right-click the file(s) and select Send To to back up files to floppy/Zip/CD.

Save & Restore Microsoft Office 2003 Settings

To open the wizard, go to Start \ Programs \ Microsoft Office \ Microsoft Office Tools \ Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard.


Follow Step By Step

Press Next . Check Save the settings from this machine and click next.


In this window decide where you want to store the settings by typing in the direct path or Browsing to the location.

Windows will save all of your settings to a single file.


Named : With Extension .OPS


Remember where you save this file for when you want to recover your settings. Click on Finish.


While Windows gathers all of your Office settings the progress bar will pop up.


Once the backup is completed you will get the following verification screen. If everything looks correct click Exit.


Restore the settings


On New computer (which should already have Office installed), open the same wizard and select “Restore previously saved settings to this machine”.








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