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Medical Transcription is a Challenging Carrier Person Must be a good learner to be part of this industry as their are many dictators ( Doctors ) whom files have to get typed by Medical Transcriptionist. In Distance Learning of Medical Transcription their is a Virtual Classroom where student get login with a User name and Password provided by Online MT Institute after Course Fees . With This Login In Information you can log into a Website where Course Modules are running which cover human autonomy and Other Skill Requires to become Medical Transcriptionist.


Online Learning is New Trend in Education Industry. This is Very Different from old Traditional way of going to any institute in a road traffic spending money on transportation i.e. Bus , Metro or On your Private vehicle i.e. bike and Car after that have to make a daily schedule time for classes. Most of the Things in this type of Training to get be cared of like finding a institute near by your location , Trainer must be good have knowledge about industry , Class Timing must suits and Many things Like that.


Each of the two types of learning having their own advantages and disadvantages it is only matter of Personal Choice of the leaner.

Online Medical Transcription Courses

Any body Can Join these type of Course Online . It is Made in a very user friendly Manner by Professionals from the Field Teaching , MT Industry and Web Designers. A Students From the arts and commerce can shape the career of a successful transcriptionist.

Their is Many things which get covers it contains English Learning , Building Typing Skills, Computer Skills, Understanding American Accent, Medical Terminology.

By Using Flash and Video Modules Body Parts are explained with their Functions . This is Also Told which disease are effect which body part with the salt name to cure and Healing. By Watching these it get easy to learn and understand.

Computer Knowledge Like Operating in Windows How Files are Stored, what are File Extensions, How to Do Backup and Restore Information about these is very helpful.

It is must to get a good typing Speed for transcribing the documents as it time based work. So Students needs at least 45 words Per Minute Speed . Check your Speed with Accuracy :-Typing Test WPM.

Professionals are online to help and Guide they also update with new trends and MT Industry News.

Online MT Training

It is a Customized Program Specially for Home Based Personally in this Person don't have to go any where just have to study our Medical Transcription Material from Home .Our Unique training will helps candidates to directly get selected into any of the MT Company . From Our Side Also we assist for Home Based Work and In Job Placement .

How to Enroll in Course

Our Training Program Start From Basic Knowledge of Computer and typing Software . In Theory We provide Books with Information on Human Anatomy and transcription guidelines . We provide a DVD with basic and advance Medical Transcription modules which covers voice files of dictators with dictated documentation.


A Personal attention is given to students on fixed time Person will call to our trainer and he/she will guide to the person day by day course. Trainer also make student performance records and encourage for more practice . Students also get touch with trainer by email for daily basis records they submit their document of prescribed voice file. After course is complete we will take a test and issue a certificate to the student. We do Home Based job Placement and give a Job Assistance to all students trained by us.

MT Hardware

Foot Pedals , Amplifiers and Headphones are Used for transcribing Documents this come in hardware Section. In Software their are Medical Dictionaries , Typing Software's and Many things.


We Provide Medical Transcription Equipments Such as

Medical Transcription Foot Pedal: is a Hardware which is used to play files from feet's as Hands are busy on Keyboard.


Amplifiers: To Boost Voice of Computer output.


HeadSets: Use to listen Voice from Ears.

Medical Transcription Institutes


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