Transcription Pedals

Medical Transcription Pedals are Come in 2 Major Body type's are :.

(i) METAL (Basically Iron) :(ii) PLASTIC FIBER .

Major Different between Metal & Plastic Body Pedals ?

Metal Foot Pedals Plasstic Foot Pedals
Metal is Heavy and Weight Become 1.75 KG. 3.75 LBS Plastic Fiber Body Weight Just 700 Grams.1.54 LBS
Imposable to Carry . Easily Carry in Laptop Bag.
Very Tough To Break. Can Be Braked.
Looks Old as it is make of Iron Give a Great Look.


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Difference Between Online & Offline Foot-Pedals

Offline Model : Compatible With Express Scribe , Medi Pro , wav Player , Trans Aid but these are Economical for Home Users & Also For Small Medical Transcription Companies .

Online Model : also Known as VEC - infinity foot pedal is Compatible with Most Medical Transcription Software's like Arrendale Transcribe , AccuScribe , Apptec DigiScribe ,Auto Wav , BayScribe ,BCB/VoiceIQ , byteSCRIBE , ChartNet ,ChartScript , CourtSmart , InqScribe , GearPlayer , RapidText , Quikscribe , WinScribe , Wav Pedal, CyberTranscriber , Crescendo and many more.

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