Their are many type of Transcriptionist and Transcription's .

All these transcription services are need for different communities of society.

Transcription is simply converting from one media to other it can be voice to doc and also can be victor format to editable format.


Types of Transcription

General : Can be any thing interviews, lectures, presentations, pod casts . No certification necessary . Its exceptional from medical & Legal.



Includes depositions, hearings, general correspondence used by law firms & Courts. Also known as Court Transcription.


Court Transcriptionist : Is a person involved in legal services may be student or Working in Law firm . These type of Transcripts are easy understand by them.


Computer-Aided Transcription in the Courts is done on a Software name as FTR Gold for this type of Digital Transcribing a Special Type of Foot pedal is Need by Transcriptionist Known as ftr foot pedal. In India their is One Company which makes this Type of Hardware .For More Information & Ordering Legal Transcription Foot Pedal

Medical Transcription

Includes History and Physical Records , Operative Report , Discharge Summary Laboratory Report used by Doctors & physicians working in hospitals and Clinics to maintain electronic Records and also take print out.


Is Needed by a lecturer who want's to be get his speech in a documented format . It's Very useful for New students or Person of the Same field they read their documented article and take a print out also . Academic transcription may cover typing recorded notes or video file's of a professor

transcription may cover typing recorded notes or video file's of a professor


Involves transcribe financial news about share market , Funds , Banks information .This type of transcription is used by share brokers , money investors it need very fast TAT ( Turn Around Time ) so some times financial transcript's work in a real time environment.


Its is a recording of a conference on any subject if your client is able to give you a video recording, either VHS or DVD, so that you will be able to view the speakers and identify them correctly on your conference transcription.



Used By

Qualification Certification


Legal Services








Students YES NO


Money Investors YES NO


Any One NO NO


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